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Vaguely Amusing

Letter of Recommendation

Say What You Mean.

Written by Sarah and Maggie

A Letter of Reccomendation:
by Sarah and Maggie
To Whom it May Concern:
     In my English III class this year, I have learned how to properly agitate myself, so that I can recieve the maximum amout of pleasure.  The aforementioned pleasure may be induced by vast amounts of skill in a particular learning arena, such as a math or phrenology class.  I have also become skilled in the art of "casimir dectection."  Certain stories incorporate symbols softened by the author's tone.    This is often known as "casimir writing." In the process, our studious teacher's aide helped advance my knowledge of books.  Book are the key to lieracy!  This was frequently stressed by our teachers--almost to the point of pain!  Also, we encountered fragments of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literature; such as "When the Negro was in Vogue," by Langston Hughes.  If my research hasn't failed me, Hughes also had views about black people.  Which is good.  But I digress.  In summation, Kelley Bremer is the best candidate for the job of English.  Not only because of her imploring eyes, but her sense of both "casimir writing" but her grasp of (as I call books) literature "Jell-o."
Dexter Smith


It all started over a crock of Maple Sauce.