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Vaguely Amusing

Sketches: Page Two
Say What You Mean.

We dragged you in, didn't we?  You wanted more, nay, needed more than page one could supply you with.  Insatiable. 


Unconventional Convention

Frank and Hank assumed that the only joke they created at the annual company Convention was the rhyming names pinned to their lapels.  After purchasing two similar hats in celebration of their similar names, Frank and Hank bobbed along in unison--completely unaware that from the Upper Deck they bore a striking resemblence to a shining pair of breasts.


And Butter His Own Popcorn?

Sure he didn't know her.  But Ray's trick of sneakin' a little prize through a hole in the bucket (dear 'Liza!) should prove most unsettling.  If only she'd reach over...



Every 38 seconds, another baloon is brutally poached for it's valuable core of pure helium.


Composer Extrodinaire

Generally of a dewey composition, Harold was a free lance adult film music composer.  If he ever had guests, he imagined he would spin around in his chair, toss a wadded up piece of paper into the garbage and say, "Yep...this is the life.  Work my own hours, and get the good stuff delievered right to my door."


Demise of an Innocent

Poppy had always known his destiny. He had not, however, until that fateful moment, realized how tragic sacrificing himself would be.  Lloyd, on the other hand, merely hoped that his toaster pastry would emerge fully baked and not burn his tongue.


Whisper in Your Ear

It was to Linda's utter dismay that the sweaty man who had been eyeing her all night happened to catch her for a dance at the end of the night.  Worse yet, his favorite rap song "Wait (The Whisper Song)" came on, and he gleefully breathed the entire ballad into her horrified ear.

It all started over a crock of Maple Sauce.