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Vaguely Amusing

Monologue to be Delivered Poorly
Say What You Mean.

Written by Sarah, Amelia, and Katie

Characters: a female aged 11-18

Setting: a lighted stage


Girl: steps into light, squints slightly

I love it up here.  The lights, the costumes, props…When I’m on stage I can forget real life.  The fact that my brother and I fight…a lot.  Or that my dog is getting older and sometimes can’t eat so good.  That my dad has cancer.  When I’m up here I can be who I wanna be!  I can talk to anyone—even the hottest boy—under a mask of theater…and acting!  When I’m on stage, I can pretend I’m happy…I can truly be ME.  Not the me who I show people at school.  The me who can act and dance and stay in the spotlight forever.

            They say ‘all the worlds a stage.’  I wish it was.

Preferably wear hair extensions for this one.

It all started over a crock of Maple Sauce.