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Vaguely Amusing

Say What You Mean.


Oh, hi.  I was just reading some of the large books on the desk in front of me when you caught me by surprise.  Welcome to my office...heh, isn't much of an office anymore...more a heaping landfill of educational papers and important folders.  But please, leaf through anything you like.  Me?  Why, I'll be right here when you get back.

The site is updated more often than not.  Feel free to get your hopes up and check back every now and again.  Ideas come fast, find them here while you can.  While we still have them.

Dup Dup Dup, Smoom.

it's not a 'guest book' as much as a 'get stuff off your chest in the privacy of the internet.  do it for me, do it for the greater good, do it for yourself.
just do it.



It all started over a crock of Maple Sauce.