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Vaguely Amusing

Talk It Out.

Say What You Mean.


He always knew that Sadie kept secrets from him.  Up until the incident, he let them pass by him like water through a wire fence.  He didn't bother to ask, only because he had already achieved his life goal of marrying a Rockette.  Nothing else mattered now that he'd fulfilled his dream.  However, the day the Ogre attacked, Harold wished that he'd cared enough to pursue Sadie's darker, secretive side. 
As the Ogre wrapped his scathing claws around Sadie's plump torso, Harold screamed out, "I love you, Sadie!"  She looked at him and simply shook her head before succumbing ot the Ogre's grip.
Harold later discovered while going through her things that Sadie had never been a Rockette at all.
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It all started over a crock of Maple Sauce.